Would you like to became a Maine Coon Breeder?

Won`t be perfect if you, since the begging started your breeding program with very suitable cats regarding standard and health?

It is not easy for who is just starting choose the right breeder with the right cats, but we are here to help you, because we believe that giving orientation for the beginners since the very first cat purchase to know what is wrong and right in a breeding program and how to breed their cats make us in a certain way protect the breed investing in good breeders that will make the breed stronger.

Our association, among so many other activities, provides to the members a kind of consulting service (even if the new member doesn`t still have a registered cattery) to build their “squad” giving information about standard, helping on choosing blood lines to get breed`s genetic improvement, instructing how to build the cattery structure, teaching about daily cats care, giving all the necessary tips about expositions and sharing information acquired for the more experienced members.

Once the new member wants to “start”, we will indicated one old member to be a “mentor” to strengthen the relationship and to be the first one to provide help, not leaving aside the relationship with the other associated breeders, but to build a stronger and closest lace making that the mistakes made by breeders in the past has become experiences to the new breeders, avoiding that they commit them again.

We are a non-profit association, so, the only cost involved is the annuity of R$ 200,00 (approx. US$ 65,00). The benefits are in addition to all the others already mentioned,, partnerships that we have with various pet articles suppliers, such as sand litter, food and health exams and others  that are offered at prices that are not offered for a non associated customer.

So if you want to join our association, fill out the application for membership by clicking here, sign and mail it. Your request will be analyzed and we will respond soon.



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