About Us

The AMACOON was founded by a breeders group with differents ways of life, however, with similar objectives: the improvement and the divulgation of the Maine Coon breed.

We are a heterogeneous group, formed by studious, veterinaries, lawyers, liberal professionals, persons with experience in feline breeding, biologists, business "men", passionate... The majority knew each others during cat shows, and then, becoming friends.

Discussing about our cats and about the consangüinity problems that we had, we decided to form an association. Then, we started to make some meetings, that beyond discuss about the association and eat very, very much chocolates and others snacks, we took those opportunities to meet each other better.

This is how the AMACOON was created, for our development and learning about this breed, to improve the standard, importing good cats and diminishing the problem of consangüinity that disturbed us.

We usually promote some meetings to discuss all about the maine coon breed.

We are eight founders and five members, till the moment we all imported twenty five maine coons from Europe, U.S.A., Canada and South Africa. Some of these imported cats have World Champions in their pedigrees, that certifies their excellent origin. And we are still going to import more cats.

Beyond to assist the associates, the AMACOON wants to assist the persons that are going to acquire a cat as pet, to avoid troubles, as well as to help those that are going to become breeders, to start in the right way.





The Board - 2016 / 2018
Hugo Marcelo Rito Cavalheiro
Glória Linares dos Santos Braga
1st Treasurer
Kleyne Andrade e Cavalheiro
2nd Treasurer
Ricardo Calabró
1º Secretary
Bruno Gloria Nogueira
2º Secretary
Eduardo Makita Sugahara
Patrocinador Oficial
Last Update : 14.02.2016
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