Partnership AMACOON x Royal Canin x Pet Center Marginal


Our Association worked together with Royal Canin and some exhibitors, trying to divulge the Maine Coon cats, providing to our partners the big differential of having a giant cat at their store.

We thank to all ours participants members for their contribution to the breed divulgation and for the big success that was the event.

Our thanks to Pet Center Marginal store, that helped us with this divulgation.



Pet Center Marginal - Marginal Store
Avenida Presidente Castelo Branco, nº 1795
Marginal Tietê - São Paulo

Date and time:

Day 05 abril 2008.
From 11h to 19h.

AMACOON members
AMACOON members
AMACOON members
AMACOON members
Some of our Maine Coons