II Workshop


Feline Genetic, directed exclusively for the Maine Coon breed.


***Fernanda Barcellos
Biology Graduated (UnB) and Biotechnology Master (USP)
Veterinary Division General Manager
All about Centro de Genomas Laboratories
New tests to be introduced

*** Dr. Péricles Hassun Filho
Veterinary (UNESP)
Animal Reproduction Master (USP)
Molecular Endocrinology Doctorate (UNIFESP)
Proteoma After-doctorate (UNIFESP)
Veterinary responsible by the Centro de Genomas Veterinay Division
Molecular Biology Beginnings
All about the HCM  - Tests beginning, development, technique, clinic.

*** Dr. Rubens Pazza.
Biologic Sciences Graduated (UNIOESTE);
Cellular Biology Master (UEM);
Genetic & Evolution Doctor Degree (UFSCar);
At the moment is o of the theachers at UNINOVE and USP associated researcher, at the Bioscience Institute, Genetic and Evolutionary Biology Department.
- Basic Genetic, to understand better the workshop;
- Colour Genetic and coat patterns;
- Management suggestions to replace positive cats to the MYBPC3-Gen with all members help;
- Blood Groups and cats behavior.


Hotel Bienal Confort.
Rua Sena Madureira, 1225.
Salão Gaugun - +55 011 5088-7999

Date and time:

Day 25 february 2007.
From 14h to 20h.


Dr. Péricles Hassun Filho

Dr. Péricles Hassun Filho

Dr. Péricles Hassun Filho